Why contact us?

You might ask yourself why you should get in contact with the NO MORE BACKWAY Foundation? Well there are many reasons. Either you have experience on the backway and want to tell us your story. Or you want to share your opinion about our project with us? See here what other people say about us and the backway:

Hi there! I have taken the backway to Europe and I must say the NO MORE BACKWAY Foundation is doing a great job. I have returned to my homecountry in between as I was tired of sitting in this huge refugee camp without document and money. My recommendation is not to spend all that money to go to backway but to rather use it to set up a little business in your homecountry.

…or another one is saying:

As you might know, most of the African refugees are passing Libya to reach to Europe. In Libya you can be dead easily. They try to sell you or imprison you and make you pay money to release you. They put too many people in the boats as well so that the boats easily capsize or blow up. The boats are only made out of fiber which blows up when the sun is getting too hot. The NO MORE BACKWAY Foundation is doing a great job with warning people and telling them not to go to backway. Dont risk your life!

No were are not getting paid for warning people no to go to the backway and this foundation is not a scam. We are real people and share real experiences. We want to help refugees to set up a business and a living in their homecountries.