No More Backway Foundation

Children Refugees

No More Backway Foundation wants to help the youths to make a living in their homecountries and to overcome the trauma they have suffered from their travel to Europe.

No More Backway Foundation is a foundation to enlighten people about what the backway to Europe really is. We were talking to different people who were travelling from Africa over the backway to Europe and we want to share their experiences with you. Fact is that the backway is not what the people tell you who take money from you to go on the backway. We as well want to make the youths aware that some refugees in Europe are posting pictures of big houses and cars in social media platforms. Most of them are fake because in Europe you will not just get a house and car for free when you arrive! Refugees in Europe are not allowed to work, neither do they get a chance to stay permanently when their homecountry is not a war country.


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