Kanatha Backway Wulla

Refugees Boat

Chat-E The Lion is a Gambian afro-reggae artist. He released a new album “The Gambian Tone” in 2016. The album was recorded and mixed in The Gambia. He was on the backway to Europe himself and needed nine months until he reached Italy. He had to stay almost 7 months in Libya because he had no money to pay for the boat. The Libyan treated him very bad, he was sold, imprisoned, beaten and almost died on his way. The first boat he took blew up and he was lucky that he didnt drown. When returning to Libya he and the others were taken into custody because the Libyans do not like when boats return. He had to find the money again to pay for the second boat and that boat reached the Italian water where they were picked up by the Italian coastguard boats and brought to Italy.

Chat-E The Lion took the decision to return to his homecountry Gambia by himself in 2016 as he was sitting in Europe for 2 years, was not allowed to work, had no money and did not get any paper to stay, as his homecountry Gambia is not a war country.

To share his experience about the backway, he wrote the song “Kanatha Backway Wulla” which you can listen to here. The song is in Mandinka language.

Find more songs from Chat-E The Lion on Soundcloud and check out his website! Feel free to write him a message over the contact form on his website if you have any questions about the backway.

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