We have founded No More Backway Foundation to help the youths and to support them to make a living in their homecountries. "The backway" is the way to Europe which refugees take. It is very dangerous because they have to cross Sahara desert, where a lot die. Then they have to pass Libya, where many of them are sold like slaves, beaten, taken into custody and mistreated. Finally they try to cross the Mediterranean Sea to make it to Italy and many of them drown because they fiber boats blast in the hot sun. Therefore we decided to help the youths in their homecountries and the refugees coming back home to their homecountries to set up businesses or to find jobs which can provide their living. We need your help as we finance the whole project from our private savings and that will not be enough. We want to give the returning refugees psychological support as almost all of them have suffered a bad trauma. And the ones who didnt go on the backway until now need support to find jobs in their homecountries. We as well want to set up businesses to hire the youth. Thank you so much for your help. We appreciate it!
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